Daddily Happy.

Last night, I played basketball and I got tired. Honey was feeling sick so upon going back home, I bought a couple of paracetamols. And then got home. I let her took one tablet. Honey asked me to check Sam’s temperature too because she noticed that Sam is sleeping so tight. Sam got awake as I entered our room and she didn’t look like she woke from a tight sleep. Upon seeing me she delivered a catching smile. If she only has teeth she can be the newest Close Up 2 Fame winner. You can see the excitement in her, she almost jumped. I picked her up, and put her down on her playpen.

I had a quick shower to wash my dried sweats and I took my dinner. Sam was watching me up to my last scoop.

Honey wanted to lie down and rest so she got inside our room. I carried Sam and went back to the room as well. I lie between them and I was like their private nurse.

I got up, have Honey a glass of cold water and lie back down. I got up again and prepare Sam’s milk and then lie back down. 3am, I got up, gave Honey another tablet and a glass of water and lie back down. A couple of minutes passed and I got up again and gave Sam another bottle of milk and lie back down.

I felt happy that I did it. Despite of my tiredness, weariness, sleepiness, fatigueness, drowsiness, and exhaustion, (where did I get these words?), I still managed to serve my two wonderful girls. My Queen and little my Princess. The morning I woke up, 5:30, I prepared myself and went to the office and blogged this.


  1. Just searching on google and found your site. It was ranked fairly high on google to. Anyway just looking around to see why.

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