Daddy puts his smile on

It’s definitely one good day today! My day has been totally completed when this new girl in our project entered our room. She’s new in our project. But she really put a smile on my face. And I can’t remove it. What’s happening to Daddy Nice Ash?

It’s been 8 months ago that I never saw a face like her at the office. And now there she is, working in a same project as mine.

Well well, Honey is back! And she’s my teammate now. How nice!


  1. Daddy Nice Ash is really sweet! Mommy Leya and Baby Sam are so blessed to have you! 🙂 Hope to have a “daddy-nice-ash-like-papa” for myself too! hehehe.. 🙂 hmm.. on the contrary, i know my “papa” will be as caring as daddy ash! 🙂 *kisses for baby sam*

  2. I think he can be sweeter than me. As far as I know him… How much do I know him?

    I said, use the wall clock. Nakteteng!

  3. you haven’t even met him! nyahaha! hmm.. but yeah, he can be really sweet.. *kAykAy smiles*

    why does she even use her system clock? is her time different from the wall clock? hehehe.. maybe she adjusted her system clock! tsktsk! 🙂

  4. haven’t I? I think i already met him. Or maybe i’m talking about another person. It’s not him probably. 🙂

    Yeah Yeah.. What else reason why she uses her system clock instead? If it’s the same with that on the wall, then why the hell?

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