Daddy’s Day Out

If you have nothing to do, then do something.

Last Saturday, we were at home, we’re not bored, but we want something to be done. I and Honey spent the whole day with Sam, or I should say, 3 quarters because late afternoon we went out for some grocieries. And oh, we had our hairs cut. And we felt unsatisfied of how that day had brought.

Since we had a tiring long weekend, we decided to get tired again. So we planned to go to Alabang Town Center. Do you know where it is? Exactly, you are right. Where else could it be? But do you know where is Makati sa Alabang? It’s in Alabang as well.

So there the Sunday morning shone. We prepared ourselves, Sam is ready, her things are as well. And so the pictures tell the story…


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