A Father’s Weekend.

After a long week of work-n0-play-nor-gimmicks, you probably want to spend your weekend any place where you can enjoy and set your mind and body very far away from work. Some people go out of town, some go to malls and do some shopping, some spend their weekend at the gym. Some would rather have a rest. What else do you do on weekends?


It’s been 3 weekends already that I haven’t done anything I mentioned above. While those are important to relax our body and refreshen our mind, there are also things more important and need to prioritize before anything else.

Aling Annie left for a long vacation since early January and never mentioned when to come back. She’s the one who do our laundry and iron our clothes. Since then, that job was our responsibility. We can’t let Sam’s nanny to take over that job every weekend because we know that she needs rest more than us. And that became part of our “weekend” routine.


Me and my wife both work as a Java developer in an international IT consulting company. (I assume you know that job.) Given that, we always go home late, leave home early. It’s been almost a month now that she’s on a regular shift except every Friday. She needs to go on mid-shift. They always have a very late night meeting, well, it’s morning is US. So to say it again, we go home very early every Saturday. 4AM. My shift revolves from regular shift to mid-shift to graveyard shift.

We usually wake up at aroung 11 AM every Saturday but this time we need to wake up earlier. Whether or not our stomach is empty, laundry is our priority. If food is ready when we wake up, then we’ll eat first. Else, we’ll just stop a while and eat when food is prepared.


Doing it is very easy. Simple steps, simple techniques.

  1. Segregate – it’s very basic.
    [white & light colored fabrics] (we sometimes include pillow sheets)
    [dark colored fabrics] (we sometimes include slacks.)
    (We do not wash our underwears. We do not wash our underwears via washing machine. We handwash them.)
  2. Do the primer washing.
    Before putting our clothes into the machine, we rinse them first in a tub by hands. We do it for whiter ones to darker. To conserve water, if we think that the water in the tub is not yet too dirty, we still use it for the next set. Usually, two sets are enough.
  3. Put each set in the washing machine.
    Again, we begin from whiter sets to darker. To conserve time, after we rinse the first set (whiter), we put it right away to the washing machine so we can rinse more sets while machine is also working.
  4. Rinse them.
    After washing them with powdered detergent in the machine, we rinse them by hands until bubbles are gone and water is clear. They usually take at least 2 rinsings.
  5. Final Rinsing.
    Before putting the clothes in the spinner for drying, we soak them first in another tub of water with fabric conditioner. It makes the fabric soft and it brings fresh smell to them. I recommend using Downy.( free plugging 🙂 )
  6. Do the spinning.
    After doing step #5, it’s time to spin the clothes. The only purpose of doing this for me is so I will not press the clothes by hands. Putting the clothes in a spinner won’t make them dry, so to conserve electricity, stop the spinning when there’s no more water coming out from the spinner’s hose. Sometimes the timer is not done yet but don’t force them to go to zero. Timers have their own mechanism that are not designed to be forced. Let it tick until it ends. To force-stop the spinner, just lift its cover.
  7. Dry the clothes.
    After all the steps are done, hang the clothes where there is sunshine. The heat of the sun keeps your clothes smells fresh.

I’ve been doing this since high school. I used to wash my own uniform, iron them. Later on when I transfered to another school and lived with my parents, I used to help my Mom doing the laundry. My Mom do small clothes up to T-Shirts and I do jeans, maong shorts, blankets, buri and plastic sleeping mats and all that is heavy. It did not last until I my first job.


Last weekend, after the laundry, we sat in front of television and watched the Illusionist casting Edward Norton and Jessica Biel. It was indeed fascinating. At some scenes, I saw factual errors. I still can’t figure out how it happened that the locket is opened that way. I don’t wanna explain.

The next day, it was Sunday, we cleaned our newly rented house. We are moving in on February 11. From Stockholm to South Meridian. Anyone experienced living in South Meridian? 🙂


  1. Yey, I know how to do laundry. Can I print this article? hehehe Thanks!

  2. Go Ahead Ninang. hehe. parang seryoso ba?

  3. heyy. hey hey!

    i dont think you will remember me? but anyway,. kamusta na ang baby mo? malaki na siguro ano?


  4. Haay, and my muscles are screaming in pain. I’ve been thinking when I’ve last washed our clothes. Friday, I think, as soon as I got home from the KKBEB lunch with some Blog Parteeh people. I’ve just done the laundry a couple of hours ago, and mind you, it’s not easy to wash clothes of 4 BIG people, haha!

    Tired. Eek!

    Pwede na ipost itong artik na ito as “How to maintain a happy home” hehe 😉

  5. rose – of course I do. why should I forget you? you’re one of my first blogmates.

    shari – nice to have you here on my boring place. anyway, ang sipag mo naman. kakatapos mo lang maglaba, online ka na agad. At bakit pala di mo man lang ako ni-invite sa KKBEB nyo? ha?

  6. Hala, di po ikaw nasabihan? Hehe it was originally a lunch for people na andun sa “Lucky Table” kung saan lahat ng nakaupo dun nanalo. Tapos naging open na sa laha. Sensiya po, di ka po pala nasabihan. Next time po uli. 😀

  7. It’s fine, Shari. 🙂

  8. Hi! A bit of tip if you don’t mind. Hope its ok since we are not officially blogmates. Why don’t you try having a laundry shop do your laundry? We do this with the colored clothes and clothes that need to be pressed while we do the whites at home. This will give you an extra time to relax because you don’t have to wash, hang and fold. Just look for a reputable laundry shops. Ours is ok, we have been going to them for 2-3 years now.

    Btw, a tip before you rinse: after washing your clothes in the machine with detergents, spin dry them so the soap suds are removed. Easier to rinse because soap is almost gone. Hope this helps. Hope its ok with you too.

  9. yep, it’s fine. thanks for sharing your thoughts. we actually went to a laundry shop for 2 weekends now because I need to have some sleep after my ‘night’ shift. I don’t want my wife do the laundry anymore. but as long as I can do the laundry, i’d rather do it than go to a laundry shop. i can relax while doing the laundry. I mean, it’s not very hard for me. and thanks for the rinsing tip. but i think it would also eat up some electricity. i’ll try it and see.

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