How can I earn extra $ ?

It’s maybe the first time that I really need extra income. I noticed that most of the times, I was just looking straight to nowhere and even someone’s talking to me, I don’t listen to them. There’s only one thing playing on my mind and that’s extra $. But why am I thingking of this matter just suddenly?

I’ve been working for more than 3 years now and every time I look into my bank account, there’s always $0 after each month. It really saddens me sometime to the fact that I know how much I earn monthly. I know that it should be enough for us. My wife is also working and both of us just ask ourselves why? And it saddens us somehow.

My wife is about 2 months pregnant now and that’s one of the reasons why I really want extra income. As much as possible, she wants to continue working just to enjoy maternal benefits that she could get from the company and from SSS. But her pregnancy now is not like her first one. She frequently experience discomfort, and the so called morning sickness. I can feel what she feels, I just can’t show it.

Sam’s yaya is leaving and this is another thing that’s bugging us. We explained to her our situation and begged her to stay even until my wife gives birth but it seems that she’s not affected. We even offered salary increase but as much as we plead, she’s still gonna leave. Alright then, I’ll never kneel to her.

So here’s another problem. If Sam’s yaya really leaves, then who’s gonna take care of Sam?

  1. My wife will stop from working and focus on Sam and our new baby and herself
  2. Her brother, which is also trying to earn, will temporarily take care of Sam until we find a new yaya
  3. We’ll bring Sam to my parents in Batangas until we find a new yaya

As much as possible, I’ll choose the first option. That’s why I’m really serious of earning extra $. But how? One option I have now is to focus on my 2 blogs, I, Batangueño and Ala Eh, The Batangas Blog. I placed ads all around, hoping that it would help. Those ads have been there for the longest time but I haven’t got  a single check. I also have TLA referral link but nobody wants to click it. Another option I am hoping is an offer from a new company who’s willing to pay my bond here and can double my current salary.

What else can you suggest? Which option do you prefer?


  1. Hi Nice ash! I hope you can find a way to solve your problem. Don’t worry about the money. I’m sure God will provide just in time for the baby’s arrival. 🙂

    I agree, I can never save with just the money I get from work. Kelangan talaga may freelance. I wonder why that is so..

    Have you considered setting up adsense scraper sites? Just kidding! 😛

  2. Why don’t you try Joseph’s proposal Company? Or going abroad. Let’s give our resume to Lalaine. Hehehe…

  3. JOni- yes, I have. Saw those sites? 🙂

    Yogi – Who said I don’t? hehe. 🙂 Do you, as well?

  4. Mr Nice Ash, don’t go abroad, if you can. Or if you go abroad, bring family with you. That’s the essence of family – being together. Something will come up, don’t worry, the Lord is good.

  5. thanks for your advise. going abroad is also one of my options to earn extra $. we’ve talked about it many times, to sacrifice being together until we have enough. I still hope that something would really come up…

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