Eyeball with my textmate on Valentines Day

If you are not aware, I have a textmate. If you read my previous article, you’ll know who she is.

First off, I want to greet you all a Happy Valentines Day. I hope that all of you are happy indeed. Anyone alone and lonely? Anyone with somebody but still lonely? Anyone alone but not lonely?

I’m not alone and I’m not lonely this day. I was very excited meeting my textmate. We met at Glorietta 3. We had a dinner at Gerry’s Grill at Park Square 2 in Ayala Center.  Being a man of surprises, I made some plans that will definitely surprise her 🙂


Very early this morning, I placed an order on myflowershop.com.ph. It was a buquette of 3 roses and a mini fondan cake. It was cute and I know it will surprise her, the fact that she do not expect a flower delivery. And I do not usually do it. This is the first time, actually.

 I never knew that the shop was having a problem until I called them. They said that they ran out of supply of roses but they managed to outsource from a different supplier this afternoon. Anyhow, my order won’t be delivered. They offered to deliver it to our home address but when I said that we live in Dasmariñas Cavite, they backed out. They’ll just deliver it tomorrow at the office and they will just double the quantity. I’m not into arguments so I just agreed.

Double the quantity. Lesser the value. Plan A did not work.


This plan was ‘unplanned‘. It just popped out but I know it’ll work as well. I left home early so I can see my textmate at the office. I don’t have any alternative plans in mind while on the trip. As I walked along Park Square 2, I suddenly think of inviting my textmate to a dinner, anywhere. We don’t have reservations .

Then I called her and as  I entered Glorieta, there was Encarnacion flower shop. I looked at the samples and try to find one that will fit my cash on my pocket. 300 Php. I tried to convince the lady to give me that box of 3 long-stemmed roses with my cash but she refused. I asked for tulips and she gave me one. I know it’s not that pretty but I know it won’t matter. Knowing my textmate, she’ll definitely be surprised by it.

Here it is.
Yellow tulip. 
This tulip just made her day complete. I hope so.


I don’t have any idea that she as well has something for me. And that surprised me. She has something I can’t resist. A box of black chocolate and a love letter in a heart-shaped stationery. (plain white) Now, take a look at it and try to see if you can read.
Black chocolate and a heart-shaped love letter from the heart. 
Unexpected things. If it’s good, it’s surprising.


  1. this was your first meeting with your textmate, right? i’d say, so far, so good. i am sure she was happy to receive the tulips, all women do. i, in particular, prefer flowers, cards, cutesy letters, as opposed to chocolates.

  2. she’s happy. yes. btw, she’s my wife but it seems like we’re just textmates because we are on different shifts. 🙂

  3. gia

    Good JOB aldrin. You are making my dear friend really happy. I am happy for both of you. Say hi to SAM for me.

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