South Meridian, Here we come.

It was yet another busy weekend. I was on a night shift last week and I wasn’t able to do the laundry. My plan was to leave the office by 6AM Saturday, or least reach home 8AM and do it, but unfortunately, more tasks came in at the last hour. I arrived home past 1PM. I was very thankful that my wife’s brother was there to help. My brother was there as well, he came all the way from Batangas to help pack things up for the move the next day. And I had a tight sleep.

Sunday morning…

We packed our things. Clothes, toys, books, kitchenwares, and all. It took us approximately 3hrs and we’re ready to move. I called the Lipat Bahay service and then waited. They arrived at around 11:30 AM and we managed to load all our things in 15 mins. It was truck-full. So long, Stockholm. After 3 mins, we’re at our new home. Yes, 3 mins. If we loaded our things in an instant, unloading it was even faster.

Moving in doesn’t end on that. We still have to arrange things and this time, if we can pack them in 3 hrs, arranging them will definitely take longer. So, the day ended and we just finished the rooms. At least we have a place to rest overnight.

Monday morning…

It still looks like we are not gonna finish it before the day ends. It was still messy inside. My wife took a day VL so we can at least do something. We headed to Robinsons Dasmariñas for some groceries. We also looked at the appliance store and bought an LG Microwave oven with intellowave system. 😉 It was fairly nicer than others of its kind and cheaper.

BTW, it was supposed to be my Christmas gift to my wife but I temporarily suspend since we are planning to move in. It might broke, my alibi. 😀 Likewise, it’s her birthday last February 9th so I hit 3 birds in one shot. xmas-bday-♥day.

It was also her brother’s birthday so after Robinson, we headed to her mom’s. We just ate and then run, 🙂 , because we still have things to do at our new home. We rested for a while, took some shuteye, and then get started again for arranging our things. I have to go to office that night so I just continued my nap to a sleep. 🙂 Then I spent the whole night in the office. The next morning I came home, my wife has gone to work and this night when I came to office, she’s already on her way home.

See that? We work at the same office, I sit next to her, but we rarely see each other. We’re just textmates most of the time. 🙂

Anyway, I learned something from moving in and I wanna share it to you.

Keep your cool, don’t panic, take it easy.

It is not always necessary that you organize things when packing them. It will probably take you longer to finish. You just have to remember where you put each piece, make sure that they won’t break, and that’s it. Don’t panic so your brain can do its function very well.

Here’s some pictures of our new rented house.

It was very sunny and  my camera phone just can’t penetrate to the front door. But that car just added a better view. (It’s not ours. It’s just illegaly parked.)

This  is the main door. You can see the transmission line as well because I haven’t fixed our antennae yet.

And lastly, our living room. It’s a bit more spacious than our previous. The floor needs a little waxing and that’s my to do one of these days. You can also see my Rubik’s cube.


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