Working Sexy Mom

Everybody knows who Sexy Mom is. She is Dine Racoma, a mother of 7, a young retiree. But I know another Mom and she is Leah Cantos. She’s a wife to me, a mother to Baby Sam, she’s young and sexy as well but she’s still working. Look at her and let’s name her, “Working Sexy Mom”.

Working Sexy Mom - Leah O. Cantos
This is a caricature portrait which is a present she got from our team. Cute, eh? Now there’s Working Sexy Mom.

This is the last day of her stay in our project. She’ll be assigned to another team. She’ll be located at another office. At some point it’s quite sad for me just because we can’t be together most of the time. Imagine, we rarely see each other while we work at the same project, same office. How much worse would it be this time?

On the other hand, she made a right move, and she had my full support. The fact that I know what she’s doing here – She gets stressed most of the time, she’s very productive and she don’t get even a bit of recognition from our client. Well, clients are clients.

BTW, she’s 9 weeks pregnant already and this is another good thing that she’ll be working on a less stressful team. I hope so or else, she’ll stop working.

Honey, good luck on your new endeavor. Naks. I’m happy for you. I love you very much!


  1. Congratulations to you and Leah! God bless and hope that both Leah and the baby would be safe and healthy! 😀

  2. thanks jaypee. hey, i was able to pass by your site using a secret. hehehe… paktay ako neto…

  3. please send my best wishes to Working Sexy Mom, best of luck with her new project. of course, i don’t mind the monicker, in fact, i am flattered. but do you know that all moms are sexy? sexy, as in beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder. send my kisses, too, to Baby Sam, whose blogs are cutsey.

    btw, congratulations with the coming baby (another blessing, indeed). is that also an indication that Working Sexy is following the footsteps of Sexy Mom (4 sons and 3 daughters)?

  4. hahaha. I don’t think we can. her pregnancy is not very well like the first one. but we’ll still see. 😀

    thanks very much for your comments.

  5. You are definitely a sweet and loving son and husband. I bet your wife is really pleased to read this. May God keep you all safe and sound always.

  6. My wife doesn’t read my blogs unless I asked her to. 🙂 She’s very busy all the time but with her new project, let’s see. hehe

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