Daddy Cooks

I did a special cooking session last night by myself :). I cooked Bulanglang, and it’s not very successfull. I used to cook that recipe during my grade school days and I don’t know why I forgot how to cook it perfectly. Besides, I lack some ingredients.

I was very excited to cook and I want to impress my wife. Did I, honey? Maybe next time I could perfect it ‘again’. Next time. BTW, it’s our lunch meal today.


Honey has her thoughts and rewards to my recipe. She also revealed the truth on her post.

Please welcome her back to the blogging world. I love you Honey!


  1. of course you need practice. there is always a next time, mr nice ash.

    and yes, welcome, i welcome Sexy Working Mom to the blogforce

  2. 🙂 i’ll perfect it the next time.

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