Daddy thinks he’s ‘Jologs’

As much as I could, I hesitated typing posts that relates to ‘Jologs‘ before. But now that I have read 3 consecutive posts that connect to jologs, I think I should explain as well with my own words. Am I Jologs? Are you?

I was bloghopping a while back and I went through Ade’s post. After I read and laughed, I went ahead to Sexy Mom’s article which coincidentally tackles about jologs as well. And because it has a trackback to The Man Blog, I also went through it. It was so ironical. 3 posts straight made me ask myself. Am I jologs?

I hear this word everywhere I go. It started back in the late 90’s I think. It has different meanings to different people but I always understand it according to the way they use it. When somebody passes along in a very colorful attire, I hear it. When someone sings an old and unknown song, I hear it. When someone knows a movie which is unknown to most people, I hear it. When someone knows an actor/actress from the 80’s, I hear it. When there’s new kind of mushy tagalog movie, I also hear it.

Now, I understand it. Anything that a person don’t like, is Jologs to that person. Anything I want to call Jologs is Jologs.

In 2002, a movie called Jologs was shown in the Philippines. It was then that teen movies were a hit to the masses. (Gimmick, TGIS) It was a movie with different stories of different characters but in many scenes they meet each other but they are unaware of each others stories. I hope you get what I mean. I have never actually seen this movie but I am looking forward to see it soon.

I heard from many that the movie $***s. But I think they just don’t know how to connect each scene. I want to see it because I believe it’s nice to see it. Not that I am jologs.

I sometime’s wonder, Jologs might have won Oscar awards. Have you seen Crash and Babel? How about Love Actually?

UPDATES: Attaching a picture as requested.

From right: Dera, Abby, Ryan, Paulo, Joseph, Gia, Jhude, Leah (my wife), Me and May.


  1. ha ha ha ha!!! this jologs thing is like a virus – nakakahawa talaga! until now, i roar with laughter…daddy nice ash, why don’t you come out with your jologs pictures (LOL again!), then let’s see, you might really be a jologs!

  2. i ll look for one. as requested. i don’t keep old pictures but i think i have one in 80’s costume. wait…

  3. ha ha ha!!! jologs…jologs…jologs!

  4. 😀 I know. But that is because we are required to be jologs. I danced behind the silhouette with the tune of ‘Billy Jean’ and we won the first place. Wuhoooo…. Sometimes it pays to be jologs…

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