Ashes Revealed

Most of you, for sure, do not know my real name. You call me ‘Ash’, but you don’t really know why ‘Ash’?

In this post, I will be revealing what ‘Ash’ is all about. You’ll know different characteristics of that name and why in the world I call myself ‘Ash’. Though I knew it from the start, I didn’t care if people mis-pronounced it as ‘A$$‘. And I also knew it that it’s not good to hear it when prefixed with ‘nice’. So I put ‘mr’, to totally make me ‘mr nice a$$‘.

What’s in that name is totally uncovered yet. Though, I already attempted to reveal it many times to let the world know about it.

My name is Aldrin Escalona Cantos. It has no brillance in it. Just a plain ordinary name.

When I was a kid, I asked my parents whats in that name? My father owned a tricycle before and he said that he got that name from someone’s tricycle. From that time, I never asked it again. It’s not that I’m not proud of my name. It’s because I already understood. And that is something, that there’s an explanation behind my name. If you think that I don’t like my name, you’re totally wrong. I have been more proud of that name when I first learned that one of the 3 astronauts who landed on the moon was Edwin Aldrin.

During my childhood, my name stood at the peak. Many of my friends were named after calendar months, that’s why. (Hunyo, Hulyo, Agusto) I was also an honor student back then and some parents named their new baby boys after me. See that? At an early age, I was leaving marks on my homeland. However, most of them do not know how to spell it correctly. (Aldren) Well, that’s also the way they pronounce my name.

When I get older, I noticed that almost all of my classmates have nicknames. Hunyo is now June, Hulyo is now July, Agusto is now August. That was the first time I thought of a nickname. But actually some people call me Tomtom. I was a fat boy when I was a kid and it was also the time when ‘Batang Yagit’ was a hit. I used that nickname during high school. I used it to label my floppy disks, notebooks and anything I own. I decided to stay as Tomtom but nobody wanted to call me that.

There was also a time that almost everyone in the barrio was changing names. Young and old. Girls and Boys. When you call them by their real names, they will really pretend that they were not the one you are calling. I remember my grandpa’s brother named Agapito. We used to call him Mamay Pitong’. But not anymore. What he wants us to call him now is ‘Willie’. Or instead, talk to the hand. Wierd!

When I entered college, I still don’t have a nick. One of my friends used to call me Moi-moi. I don’t know why he’s calling me that. Moi-moi is a fat boy in Home Along Da Riles but I was skinny already. He’s cute so, perhaps I am cute.

When I took my OJT from a known printer manufacturer in the world, I used to repair personal computers of employees. (So, they are not personal computers anymore.) Someone shared me his password. “Hey, I’ll be back later. If it asks for a password, just enter ‘Icycool’ or ‘Ashburn'”. Hmmm, ok.

So I used Ashburn. I used it as mIRC handle nick. I called it my hacker name like Crash and Burn from the movie Hackers. When I sign up for online accounts, I use Ash as first name, and Burn as my last name so when they send me emails, it always say, Dear Mr. Burn. I used to write it everywhere I wanted to. Walls, papers, etc. I used it for my assassin character in Diablo II game. I tried to tell everyone that ‘Hey, please call me Ash.’ but really nobody wanted to.

Then Pokemon became another hit to cartoon fanatics. The name of the best pokemaster was Ash. I had another reason/explanation, why ash but still no use. Until I realized that Ash is actually composed of an ‘A‘ & ‘Sh. I still tried and tried but nobody really cared to call me Ash.

Only on my internet world, I am known as ‘Ash’.’Stupid Ash’, ‘Banana Ash’, ‘Kabayo Ash’, ‘Toilet Ash’, ‘Staind Ash’, ‘Kubeta Ash’, ‘The Great Ash’, ‘Mr Nice Ash’, and in this site, ‘Daddy Nice Ash’.

But sometimes me think, I don’t want to attach myself to ‘Ash’ anymore. I am not him.

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  1. and what do think it will be if it will not be an “ash”? must it really be a crisis? and yes–what’s in a name? i guess a lot.

  2. xian

    okay payn! Aldren na lng tawag ko sau. hehehhe..

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