Google on my Desk, literally.

Is this it? I can’t believe!

Google on my Desk


  1. wow pin! that’s a sign…


  2. Yan ba ang itsura ng envelope na may PIN? Yon sakin hindi ko pa rin natatanggap. Anyways, congrats sayo pare! 😦

  3. what’s a pin?

    *looks cluelessly*


  4. The PIN number is what you use to release checks for your Adsense earnings. Without them, you can’t get your checks. No PIN, No money! 😀

  5. so…how much must it have contained? tell me! tell me!

  6. TO ALL:

    This is a sign indeed. I’ve waited too long for this. After 3 long years, I reached $50+ earnings. So I will have the check after another 3 years. Hehehe…

  7. not bad…you have waited 3 years, waiting another 3 more years will be fine

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