Jologshood of the traveling pants

Jologsly Yours. Yeah right!
Look at that!
Eeeew! Yuck!
Now what?!

I left home for work and I didn’t notice that my pants were folded unevenly. One is shorter than the other. I tried to fix them in the office but I really can’t make them even.

I have so many tasks to do so I just folded it like that temporarily. But I forgot that it was folded that way so I walked in and out the office on that cool style. Would you please help me fold it correctly?


  1. how jologs of you, Mr Nice Ash!

  2. hehe. i’ll take that.

  3. Hahaha..ayos! Sabihin mo na lang na may baha sa lugar nyo. LOL..just kidding! 😀

  4. di na kailangan pang sabihin. obvious naman sa kulay ng sapatos e. hehehe. white yan dati..

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