First Swimming for the season

The middle one, I peeled it with a knife. Two others are peeled with a ‘peeler’. What’s the difference? BTW, I still can’t type much again. Please see more pics below.



  1. yan ba ang pinaglilihian?

    my eyes are not trained – i can’t tell which of the mangoes were peeled by hand

    and wow! you really look like a neat happy family! sana lagi ganyan, sana umabot din kayo kapareho namin, 27 years na. pero we still feel as young as you and your wife are

  2. how i wish i can have the same family as yours in the future.. 😀 can i add u sa blogroll ko? 😀

  3. Sure sure. no problem. actually i’m glad. and oh, i was honored from being a model-family to you. thanks thanks.

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