What about me??

Yeah, the purpose of the about page is to give an overview of yourself. It is very important for every site to have an About page. I know!

So, for the sake of the this page, I have no other options than to tell something about me.

Me Online…
The first time I used Internet was wayback when I was in high school. I barely went online – About once year. And internet connection was on it’s slowest that time… I experienced faster connectivity when I entered college. We have a DSL connection on our Computer Loboratory but still cannot enjoy it because we only have 2hrs/day, 2days/week.. Uffff…

Me Blogging…
How did it all started? OK! Although I used to make CMS’s for websites during college, I dont have any idea of “Blog”, “Blogging” and “Bloggers”. It was only then that I learned from a collegue (my wifey-honey now…), that blog stands for “Web Log”. An online journal… OK! But I really dont know that… So what is a blog? I joined Grabeh community and there got an idea about blog from the “It’s my Blog” section. But I read more often on THT. 😀

OK, I started blogging late October of 2003. Ok, too late.

The two blogs that inspired me was those of Yuga’s and Albrine’s. I gave a weird name for my first blog. It was “Stupid Ash”. I used ASP/MS Access on that.

So why Ash?
I don’t have a nickname and I want one. So I get it from a poke-master…

And why Stupid?
I was stupid that time. Follow my heart or my brain???

My second blog was “mr. nice ash”. It was first on black and white. Then I applied wordpress styles and it was cool… I still used ASP/MS Access. Not improving!

Why Nice?
Need I say more? OK! Because I am nice, really!!!

Being a Daddy…
It was cool. I feel great. Im happy. Look at me! 🙂 Just read on my posts to know more…


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