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I was about to leave for work yesterday morning when I saw this little girl, who was sleeping, smiling. And then it suddenly faded. I took my camera phone and asked her to smile again. To my surprise, she actually did. How cute.


It’s March, and the company usually advance 14th month bonus to anticipate April’s enrollment fee-panic. The last 2 years, my priorities on the list to spend my bonus to are mainly gadgets, shoes and all I like. Now look at what I got.

Sam uses 2 brands, EQ on daytime and All night all night. Those apples are mine by the way. I used to have Windows on my computer so now I have Apple as well. 😀

This thing, I don’t know why the heck it exists, had ruined my wife’s day several times now. She’s been in this state even during college. I’m just very thankful to God that HE’s always there for my wife whenever hyperventilation attacks.

In medicine, hyperventilation (or overbreathing) is the state of breathing faster and/or deeper than necessary, thereby reducing the carbon dioxide concentration of the blood below normal.


About a month ago, while on the bus heading to the office one early morning, my wife suddenly felt difficulty in breathing. She said that she feels her neck a little thicker and she’s very uncomforable that time. At first, I thought that it wouldn’t be worse but very quickly, my wife was panicking. She’s loosing her voice, she’s breathing faster, she felt like she’s gonna faint and I didn’t know what to do. All I did is tell her to calm down, take control, although I knew that it’s hard for her to do so.

She thought that it was an allergic reaction so she took a tablet of antihistamine. But she’s really not feeling better. So she called her mom but no voices came out of her mouth. It was pure air. She kept in control a little longer until the nearest hospital and we headed directly to the ER.

Early this morning while I was still in the office, she texted me telling me to not go home yet because she’s feeling it again. She’s already on her way and her best option is to drop by the hospital again before she runs out of air again. Cutting it short, I met her at the same hospital. We’ve been textmates again for almost a week and I never thought that our EB will be at the hospital.

And that’s how I hate Hyperventilation. My wife is on her 1st quarter of pregnancy and it’s attacking? No way!

My wife needs some rest I think. But she can’t. But I’m still looking at that chance that she can have another long leave of absence again. It’s truly risky for her and our baby inside her. And I think I should stop taking night shifts so I can take care of her. It’s a very looooooooooooong trip from Dasmariñas Cavite to Makati.

Thursday, March 15th, plan on stopping by your local Starbucks between 10am and 12 noon. During that time, Starbucks will be holding its 2nd annual Coffee Break. All company-operated and licensed Starbucks stores in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Greater China will be giving away free Tall (12-ounce) cups of coffee to anyone who drops by. Starbucks Coffee Masters clad in black aprons will be present during each of the coffee breaks to kick off the company’s spring brewing sale and to answer any questions you might have about the coffee or coffee brewing. Last year, many stores used the coffee break period to sample some of their pastries out to customers waiting in line, as well. [source]

For more info. Starbucks Coffee Break.

Jologsly Yours. Yeah right!
Look at that!
Eeeew! Yuck!
Now what?!

I left home for work and I didn’t notice that my pants were folded unevenly. One is shorter than the other. I tried to fix them in the office but I really can’t make them even.

I have so many tasks to do so I just folded it like that temporarily. But I forgot that it was folded that way so I walked in and out the office on that cool style. Would you please help me fold it correctly?

This is one of my favorite shirts now. I just love it’s appeal. I don’t think I’d miss the next party around if another Google shirt will be raffled out.

As much as I could, I hesitated typing posts that relates to ‘Jologs‘ before. But now that I have read 3 consecutive posts that connect to jologs, I think I should explain as well with my own words. Am I Jologs? Are you?

I was bloghopping a while back and I went through Ade’s post. After I read and laughed, I went ahead to Sexy Mom’s article which coincidentally tackles about jologs as well. And because it has a trackback to The Man Blog, I also went through it. It was so ironical. 3 posts straight made me ask myself. Am I jologs?

I hear this word everywhere I go. It started back in the late 90’s I think. It has different meanings to different people but I always understand it according to the way they use it. When somebody passes along in a very colorful attire, I hear it. When someone sings an old and unknown song, I hear it. When someone knows a movie which is unknown to most people, I hear it. When someone knows an actor/actress from the 80’s, I hear it. When there’s new kind of mushy tagalog movie, I also hear it.

Now, I understand it. Anything that a person don’t like, is Jologs to that person. Anything I want to call Jologs is Jologs.

In 2002, a movie called Jologs was shown in the Philippines. It was then that teen movies were a hit to the masses. (Gimmick, TGIS) It was a movie with different stories of different characters but in many scenes they meet each other but they are unaware of each others stories. I hope you get what I mean. I have never actually seen this movie but I am looking forward to see it soon.

I heard from many that the movie $***s. But I think they just don’t know how to connect each scene. I want to see it because I believe it’s nice to see it. Not that I am jologs.

I sometime’s wonder, Jologs might have won Oscar awards. Have you seen Crash and Babel? How about Love Actually?

UPDATES: Attaching a picture as requested.

From right: Dera, Abby, Ryan, Paulo, Joseph, Gia, Jhude, Leah (my wife), Me and May.

I did a special cooking session last night by myself :). I cooked Bulanglang, and it’s not very successfull. I used to cook that recipe during my grade school days and I don’t know why I forgot how to cook it perfectly. Besides, I lack some ingredients.

I was very excited to cook and I want to impress my wife. Did I, honey? Maybe next time I could perfect it ‘again’. Next time. BTW, it’s our lunch meal today.


Honey has her thoughts and rewards to my recipe. She also revealed the truth on her post.

Please welcome her back to the blogging world. I love you Honey!

If you are not aware, I have a textmate. If you read my previous article, you’ll know who she is.

First off, I want to greet you all a Happy Valentines Day. I hope that all of you are happy indeed. Anyone alone and lonely? Anyone with somebody but still lonely? Anyone alone but not lonely?

I’m not alone and I’m not lonely this day. I was very excited meeting my textmate. We met at Glorietta 3. We had a dinner at Gerry’s Grill at Park Square 2 in Ayala Center.  Being a man of surprises, I made some plans that will definitely surprise her 🙂

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It was yet another busy weekend. I was on a night shift last week and I wasn’t able to do the laundry. My plan was to leave the office by 6AM Saturday, or least reach home 8AM and do it, but unfortunately, more tasks came in at the last hour. I arrived home past 1PM. I was very thankful that my wife’s brother was there to help. My brother was there as well, he came all the way from Batangas to help pack things up for the move the next day. And I had a tight sleep.

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