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This post is to show my support on Sir Martin’s project. Sir Martin is teaching Social Studies in Philippine Science High School. He gave a project to his students which made them release their talents that in some way inspire many people by unearthing their eyes to future reality.

The theme is about future! Philippines in the future. Filipinos of the future. Pisay meets the world.

In this world, dreaming is free. But to achieve our dreams, we have to work hard for it. They don’t just come real in a blink of an eye. Unless you’re just dreaming of winning the lottery. But that’s not what I meant ‘Dreams’. For me, Continue Reading »


It was yet another busy weekend. I was on a night shift last week and I wasn’t able to do the laundry. My plan was to leave the office by 6AM Saturday, or least reach home 8AM and do it, but unfortunately, more tasks came in at the last hour. I arrived home past 1PM. I was very thankful that my wife’s brother was there to help. My brother was there as well, he came all the way from Batangas to help pack things up for the move the next day. And I had a tight sleep.

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It’s perhaps one of the toughest decision to make, eh? …to choose between your Job and your Life.

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Daddily Advice

I just heard this song this morning and it was may first time to hear it. It was pretty cool. Buz Luhrmann, instead of just deliver his advice through “speech”, sang it. And I thought you should be adviced too. So here it is, surprising you. Please read. Continue Reading »