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I was about to leave for work yesterday morning when I saw this little girl, who was sleeping, smiling. And then it suddenly faded. I took my camera phone and asked her to smile again. To my surprise, she actually did. How cute.


It’s March, and the company usually advance 14th month bonus to anticipate April’s enrollment fee-panic. The last 2 years, my priorities on the list to spend my bonus to are mainly gadgets, shoes and all I like. Now look at what I got.

Sam uses 2 brands, EQ on daytime and All night all night. Those apples are mine by the way. I used to have Windows on my computer so now I have Apple as well. ūüėÄ

This thing, I don’t know why the heck it exists, had ruined my wife’s day several times now. She’s been in this state even during college. I’m just very thankful to God that HE’s always there for my wife whenever hyperventilation attacks.

In medicine, hyperventilation (or overbreathing) is the state of breathing faster and/or deeper than necessary, thereby reducing the carbon dioxide concentration of the blood below normal.


About a month ago, while on the bus heading to the office one early morning, my wife suddenly felt difficulty in breathing. She said that she feels her neck a little thicker and she’s very uncomforable that time. At first, I thought that it wouldn’t be worse but very quickly, my wife was panicking. She’s loosing her voice, she’s breathing faster, she felt like she’s gonna faint and I didn’t know what to do. All I did is tell her to calm down, take control, although I knew that it’s hard for her to do so.

She thought that it was an allergic reaction so she took a tablet of antihistamine. But she’s really not feeling better. So she called her mom but no voices came out of her mouth. It was pure air. She kept in control a little longer until the nearest hospital and we headed directly to the ER.

Early this morning while I was still in the office, she texted me telling me to not go home yet because she’s feeling it again. She’s already on her way and her best option is to drop by the hospital again before she runs out of air again. Cutting it short, I met her at the same hospital. We’ve been textmates again for almost a week and I never thought that our EB will be at the hospital.

And that’s how I hate Hyperventilation. My wife is on her 1st quarter of pregnancy and it’s attacking? No way!

My wife needs some rest I think. But she can’t. But I’m still looking at that chance that she can have another long leave of absence again. It’s truly risky for her and our baby inside her. And I think I should stop taking night shifts so I can take care of her. It’s a very looooooooooooong trip from Dasmari√Īas Cavite to Makati.


Those pictures will tell you why. I finished ironing those and I never thought that I will have to go to office earlier for training. And so I just rested for about 10 mins and bathed right after. 

Thanks again to my mom for training me when I was younger. I can’t imagine what my life could have been if I don’t know household chores.

And thanks to my wife, who always do the laundry every Saturday morning. As much as I always want to help her, I really just can’t because of this scary shift. But please honey, don’t force yourself too much. It won’t be good for you and for our new baby. I love you.

I did a special cooking session last night by myself :). I cooked Bulanglang, and it’s not very successfull. I used to cook that recipe during my grade school days and I don’t know why I forgot how to cook it perfectly. Besides, I lack some ingredients.

I was very excited to cook and I want to impress my wife. Did I, honey? Maybe next time I could perfect it ‘again’. Next time. BTW, it’s our lunch meal today.


Honey has her thoughts and rewards to my recipe. She also revealed the truth on her post.

Please welcome her back to the blogging world. I love you Honey!

If there’s another man nicer than me  ūüôā , then that would be my dad. He influenced me, he built me, he taught me to be nice. Definitely, there’ll be no mr nice ash if not by him.  ūüôā

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It’s maybe the first time that I really need extra income. I noticed that most of the times, I was just looking straight to nowhere and even someone’s talking to me, I don’t listen to them. There’s only one thing playing on my mind and that’s extra $. But why am I thingking of this matter just suddenly?

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It’s been a very successful day last Saturday. I mean, you might think that it was just the same typical kiddie party happening in Jollibee but you are thinking wrong. It was way way different. It was the happiest birthday party I’ve seen ever. All guests are game, everybody is happy.
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If you have nothing to do, then do something.

Last Saturday, we were at home, we’re not bored, but we want something to be done. I and Honey spent the whole day with Sam, or I should say, 3 quarters because late afternoon we went out for some grocieries. And oh, we had our hairs cut. And we felt unsatisfied of how that day had brought.
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Daddily Happy.

Last night, I played basketball and I got tired. Honey was feeling sick so upon going back home, I bought a couple of paracetamols.¬†And then got home. I let her took¬†one tablet.¬†Honey asked me to check Sam’s temperature too because she noticed that Sam is sleeping so tight.¬†Sam got awake as I entered our room and¬†she didn’t look like she¬†woke from a tight sleep. Upon seeing me she delivered a catching smile. If she only has teeth she can be the newest Close Up 2 Fame winner. You can see the excitement in her, she almost jumped. I picked her up, and put her down on her playpen.

I had a quick shower to wash my dried sweats and I took my dinner. Sam was watching me up to my last scoop.

Honey wanted to lie down and rest so she got inside our room. I carried Sam and went back to the room as well. I lie between them and I was like their private nurse.

I got up,¬†have Honey a glass of cold water and lie back down. I got up again and prepare Sam’s milk and then lie back down. 3am, I got up, gave Honey another tablet and a glass of water and lie back down. A couple of minutes passed and I got up again and gave Sam another bottle of milk and lie back down.

I felt happy that I did it. Despite of my tiredness, weariness, sleepiness, fatigueness, drowsiness, and exhaustion, (where did I get these words?), I still managed to serve my two wonderful girls. My Queen and little my Princess. The morning I woke up, 5:30, I prepared myself and went to the office and blogged this.